As companies upgrade inspection and vision technology for a range of tasks, they are implementing or planning for serialization and track and trace requirements. Providers such as Cognex, Optel Vision, and Laetus have leveraged inspection technology in offering track and trace solutions.

Cognex’s In-Sight Track and Trace is an add-on software package to the In-Sight distributed computing inspection model. The data identification and verification solution is designed to make it easier for companies taking a step-by-step approach. “The major pharmaceutical companies are experimenting with various technology platforms. Companies are doing pilots, but the senior-level serialization task forces at many companies still don’t have a stake in the ground. It is difficult to spend a lot up front when you don’t know what you will [ultimately] do,” says Kris Bierbaum, Cognex Corp.

Cognex’s application is designed as an open system supporting industry standard interfaces and communication protocols. Such a solution allows companies to “mix and match” based on their existing software and machines. “Most of this business is retrofit related. We are providing the line level solution. [Beyond that], it’s pay as you go. Customers will have different line management software from various integrators and systems will vary from plant to plant, which creates connectivity and compatibility issues. How do I take what I have and most expeditiously tie into [my enterprise system]? How do I layer a cost effective track and trace solution across my environment?”

Cognex has partnered with printer firms including Videojet, Domino, and Markem Imaje to speed track and trace implementation. Partner systems integrators are writing pharma applications for the In-Sight platform. Xyntek has released its MVX-OCV 5.0 solution for OCV and 2-D bar code reading, with a GUI interface that sits on the Cognex In-Sight Explorer framework. Xyntek’s next-gen MVX-AMS (Audit Message Service) adds traceablity for meeting 21 CFR Part 11.

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