Xyntek offers a unique blend of Serialization Strategy Consulting and Serialization Technology Integration services to support you in all phases of your Serialization and e-Pedigree, Track & Trace project. Xyntek's dedicated team of engineers will ensure that your organizations serialization systems are designed and implemented to not only meet your unique business requirements and strategic goals, but to co-exist with your existing packaging line technologies and systems.

Serialization Strategy Consulting

  • Developing Serialization Strategy & Implementation Plan
  • Enterprise IT & Packaging Line Assessments including Retrofit Analysis
  • Development of User Requirements and Functional Requirements Specification
  • Pilot through Scale-up Planning & Execution
  • End-to-End Technology Integration
  • Line Modifications & Material Handling
  • Serialization Validation Strategy & Plan
  • Project Management
  • Serialization Awareness & Technology Training

Serialization Technology Integration Services
Turnkey Technical engineering and integration services at the various levels:

  • Device Level Integration:
    • Implementation and Integration of Encoding technologies and Machine vision inspection systems for label/product printing and proven OCV, OCR, PQI, barcode verification, and 2D Matrix grading and decoding. The vision systems include the appropriate hardware (camera, optics, lighting, mounting brackets, and enclosures) and software for system set-up, monitoring, and data collection.
    • Controls automation and programming to allow integration between the various printers, machine vision inspection systems, product tracking components, reject stations and various packaging and material handling equipment including
      • Bottle Unscamblers
      • Labelers
      • Cartoners
      • Bundlers/Overwrappers
      • Case Packers
      • Palletizers

  • Line Level Integration:Configuration and implementation of Packaging Line Serialization software to manage non-serialized and serialized data (at all levels of aggregation), product/lot recipes (per line), business rules/logic based on line requirements, and communication between your packaging line devices/equipment and EPCIS repository. These solutions are configured to support line set-up and configuration, packaging process control, device communication, automated data collection and management, production monitoring, and reporting associated with serialization and aggregation activities on the line.

  • Enterprise Level:Implementation and integration of Serialization and Track & Trace technology to enterprise IT systems to support end-to-end serialization number management (provisioning, allocation & tracking), work order & recipe management, and e-Pedigree generation. The critical integration points between your organizations Serialization & Track and Trace System and upper level Enterprise Systems allow for seamless data exchange between your various packaging lines and your ERP, EPCIS, Warehouse Management, and other IT business systems, etc. The services on the enterprise level include integration to systems such as SAP Aii/OER, IBM / Frequency, Axway, TraceLink, Oracle, JD Edwards, etc.

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