The mobile applications market is evolving rapidly and revenues are soaring for companies invested in the mobile business. At Xyntek, we provide the expertise you will need to capitalize in this growing market and expand the customer base with applications that are cutting edge in technology and easy to use. Our services will give you the ability to design, develop and deploy successful applications. Xyntek's applications development team is comprised of experts who have the skills to develop, test and localize platform agnostic as well as native applications for iOS, Android, and Windows based mobile devices.

Our core mobile application development services are in the following areas:

• Wireless product development
• WAP application development
• Health care, banking, and financial services
• Social networking, search, and transaction
• Enterprise mobility and database mobilization

Our service assists customers in:

• Mobile Rollout: Starting from conceptualization and strategy definition our team of experts will assist you by providing roadmap design, development, testing, rollout and support of new mobile applications. We will work on improvising your ideas of application/service to make applications more elegant, robust and cost effective. We visualize it in a way which achieves high levels of user experience while following UI guidelines and maintaining technical and operational feasibility that is most beneficial for you.

• On Time Delivery: We work in delivering application projects on-time, on-budget and with a user experience to enrich the consumer. We add value in delivering solutions on time with our extensive knowledge of handset platforms, back end servers, mobile networks and expertise in developing, deploying and maintaining mobile services. Our strong expertise in mobile technologies, world class creative designers, top notch testing and QA team will ensure you receive the highest quality products/services rendered to you. Our delivery and deployment model ensures your business recoups its investment and beyond at an attractive ROI.

Expertise in Mobile Development

  • Designed, developed, and deployed user-friendly and scalable mobile applications that are platform agnostic/native to iOS, Android, and Windows based mobile devices as per client needs and industry best-practices.
  • Technically sound working knowledge of all hardware and software components of mobile platform extending to Handheld devices like PMPs, consumer devices, and etc.
  • Proven track record of delivering complex hardware and software with challenging timelines on multiple occasions.
  • Technical Training & Competency development management from planning roadmap, budget, vendor evaluation/selection through execution and feedback.
  • Extensive experience in process oriented development methodologies including Scrum and Agile.

Solutions & Services

Web-based and native mobile applications built and deployed over the cloud to support the following areas and functions.

  • Scheduling global deployment of lab systems equipment.
  • Document management solutions for managing enterprise documents over the cloud.
  • Audio-Video conferencing and desktop sharing.
  • IP TV solutions for beaming/broadcasting live events and pre-programmed video content.
  • Sales and marketing solutions for Campaign/Event management, Lead Generation and Order Management.
  • Content Workbench solutions for creation and distribution of enterprise content over the web including website updates, distribution over social networking applications and other content display locations.
  • Solutions to provide virtual support across packaging and distribution lines using content, trouble ticketing and video driven support to technicians over the cloud using mobile devices.
  • Biometrics solutions for automation of attendance and leave management and integration to HRMS modules in ERP.
  • E-Learning solutions using virtual classrooms for conducting live training sessions, self-service based trainings using virtual study material including documents/audio/video based files.

Key Differentiators

  • Experienced in successfully using the offsite-onsite / offshore model, the only model where true scalability can be used in a modular and efficient manner without crippling overhead at expensive locations.
  • Solid expertise in complete development and testing of platform agnostic as well native applications for iOS, Android and Windows based mobile devices.
  • Demonstrated ability to conceive, build, operate, and upgrade mission critical systems in several enterprise clients in US and India.
  • Team of skilled engineers with unique construction vertical knowledge as well as product depth and breadth across several products on mobile applications.
  • Excellent senior management team including directors with over 17 years of experience in the US.
  • Partnerships with global organizations such as Apple, Microsoft, Oracle, Verizon Wireless and AIG, and professional associations with World Wide User Groups.
  • State of art global support facilities with more than 500 modular workstations with ThinPC / TFTs, SUN SPARC Server, facilities like ISD / STD, fax, and high speed internet.

Application Portfolio

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