Xyntek-Antares is featured in the most recent Medical Design publication. The article highlights how robotics and automation play a role in medical innovation. With new e-pedigree regulations that require tracking of all medical and pharmaceutical products throughout the drug distribution supply chain counterfeiting of drugs, medical supplies, and devices has become rampant. Implementing a secure way of identification is the only way to stop it.

“Today, proven solutions like machine vision and printing technologies, integrated with newer technologies like cloud computing, data warehouses, and mobile applications, must be utilized to stop counterfeiting of medications and medical devices all the way through the supply chain, from the minute the device is manufactured or the drug or pill is created and packaged, to when it arrives to the end user,” said Mac Hashemian, P.E., CEO of Xyntek Inc.

Machine vision technology solutions can help reduce this threat by ensuring that medication bottles, blisters and cartons are correctly labeled with the required expiration date and lot code. “When it comes to drug anti-counterfeiting, serialization, and track and trace, the Antares technology platform allows the flexibility to interface with Cognex vision systems on the packaging lines to then enable a serialization solution for track and trace, e-pedigree, and tracking through the whole supply chain,” said Elliot Abreu, Senior Vice President of Xyntek.

Read the full article today and learn more about how Xyntek-Antares provide turnkey and integrated automation technology to address the new serialization laws being established globally for tracking of medical and pharmaceutical products throughout the drug distribution supply chain.

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