Xyntek and Antares Serialization Solution Protects Pets Too!

Yardley, PA., September 30th, 2014 -- With a vision to ensure safety and sanctity of their animal health medications, a Global Pharmaceutical and Biotech manufacturer selects and implements the Xyntek and Antares serialization technology and turnkey solution to protect their animal health brand.

The product which was serialized and aggregated by the Xyntek and Antares solution is an animal medication used to prevent fleas and ticks for household pets.

The Xyntek and Antares solution implemented features the Antares Tracking System (ATS) software platform and pre-engineered Print & Check modules. The technology not only uniquely serializes at the smallest unit of sale, but also provides several layers of aggregation and serialization at the bundle/tray and case.

The implementation of the Xyntek and Antares serialization solution enables the client to efficiently and reliably track and trace their animal care product through the entire supply chain and ensures that only authentic and quality product will reach its consumers. To date, there have been a handful of instances where diverged or expired product has been identified in the market place. Using the Xyntek and Antares solution, the client is able to track where these packages originated from and where they have shipped to, and as a result remove bad and diverted products from the shelves, and protect their consumers and brand image.

According to Mac Hashemian, P.E., Xyntek CEO, "Product Serialization is the first step to ensure compliance with the Drug Quality and Security Act (DQSA) and other existing and emerging Global Track & Trace regulations that require product visibility and traceability throughout the prescription drug supply chain. However, these technologies have tremendous value outside of just complying with the regulatory requirements. Added benefits such as recall management, returns management, product diversion, etc. bring tremendous value to our clients products that should not be restricted to just prescription pharmaceuticals. Huge returns on investments can be gained by applying the same technologies for non-prescription products, including animal healthcare products and consumer healthcare products that are not currently under any federal regulation for track and trace. "

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