Serialization to Meet Turkey's Requirements

On January 1, 2012, Turkey became the first country in the world to implement comprehensive legislation regarding traceability for 100% of the medicines sold in its territory. Antares Vision was featured in Packaging World Magazine's February edition as a leader in these serialization efforts.

The article, "Serialization to meet Turkey's Requirements" describes the installation of Antares Tracking System (ATS), an advanced traceability solution from Antares Vision, at the largest pharmaceutical manufacturing plant and the biggest distribution center in all of Turkey, both of which are owned by a major multinational pharmaceutical company.

At the manufacturing plant, the scope is indeed impressive: 24 lines on which all major pharmaceutical formats (capsules, tablets, liquids, etc.) are handled. Many of the lines are highly automated, involving bundlers, shrink wrappers, case packers, robotics, and so on. But on some lines, casing and palletizing are done by hand. Production is typically carried out in two shifts, six days a week, and it leads to the production of more than 150 million units of use (i.e., primary packages such as bottles or cartons) per year.

The distribution center, on the other hand, is delivering more than 120 million units of use per year. It averages out to about 80,000 drug shipments per month, or 2,666 per day, that go to hospitals, pharmacies, clinics, etc. But spikes in the number of drug shipments are not at all uncommon, so that in some cases there might be as many as 4,000 shipments per day.

To learn more about Antares Vision's implementation click on the following link and read the full article today!

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