New federal legislation on serialization is changing the face of pharmaceutical manufacturing. The Drug Quality and Security Act (DQSA) of 2013 established a law that requires new requirements for traceability. It preempts equivalent state requirements and ensures consistency throughout the U.S. drug supply chain with respect to serialization in the life sciences supply chain.

The law requires a transaction document (TD) beginning on January 1, 2015, and serialization of all prescription products by November 27, 2017. A system to fully secure the exchange of prescription drug and biologic products is expected by 2023 under the law.

With extensive input from leading solution providers, Xyntek & Antares, you will leverage real world lessons and expertise that can be key to customizing and implementing a successful serialization program that is right for your business.

Additionally, this easy guide can assist everyone from the serialization team, to packaging and throughout the IT department. Get advice from experts and learn from others who have already started implementing these changes.

Topics Covered

• Update on new legislation
• The business case
• Project management tips
• Line & plant strategies
• Contract packaging and logistics
• Trading partners
• Software & architecture
• Pilot testing guide
• Rollout strategies
• Vendor selection guide

Find out how these mandates will impact your business in this comprehensive guidebook brought to you by Pharmaceutical Serialization Playbook. Download your free, updated copy today.

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