Major publications such as Yahoo Finance distributed the press release "Fully Serialized and Aggregated Solution in Production for US Market". It describes how leading pharmaceutical services provider, Packaging Coordinators Inc. (PCI) will be using Xyntek & Antares's turnkey solution and services to serialize and aggregate pharmaceutical products in preparation for meeting upcoming US Drug Quality and Security Act (DQSA) requirements.

Ian Parsonage, PCI Director of Global Serialization, explains, “Having several years of practical experience in commercial Serialization had PCI well positioned to evaluate potential partners for our enterprise Serialization strategy. In that evaluation process Xyntek and Antares really stood out for their demonstrated history of success, operational flexibility for equipment integration, ease of use for our staff, as well as the ability to easily configure software to the various needs of our clients for inbound and outbound data exchange. Implementing the Xyntek-Antares technology across our global site network gives us the confidence that we have a best-in-class solution and meets our requirements for providing the industry’s leading customer experience. As we support clients in meeting both current Track & Trace requirements for emerging markets as well as the domestic DQSA requirements, we feel Antares and Xyntek provide us a great platform for success.”

Mac Hashemian, P.E., Xyntek CEO, elaborates by sharing how “The solutions implemented at PCI showcase the various options available for preparing packaging lines to meet serialization requirements. The Xyntek-Antares solution features pre-engineered modules and individual components that are skillfully and artistically integrated to the existing lines, thus providing our clients’ a true turnkey offering.”

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