Xyntek, Inc., a Global Leader in Real-Time Information Technology and Industrial Automation solutions for the Life Sciences industry, is celebrating its 30-year anniversary. In 1986 a group of Real-Time Industrial Automation and Systems Engineers, led by Xyntek President & CEO Mac Hashemian, P.E., set out with a vision to provide engineering excellence for automating business critical processes and functions within real-time manufacturing environments and operations. Over the course of the last 30 years, Xyntek's vision has become a reality. Xyntek has grown from a small niche integration firm to a Global technology enabler in Information Technology, Automation, and Compliance for Life Sciences, Consumer Care, Healthcare, and Medical Devices customers.

Company founder and CEO, Mac Hashemian, P.E., remarked: "This is an incredible milestone for any company. The corporation has achieved this success through the hard work, passion, and dedication of our team members; the development, adherence and continued improvements on our strict engineering procedures and attention to detail; and our culture of customer service that exists throughout the entire organization. We have dedicated ourselves to 30 years of product innovation, engineering and business process improvements and efficiencies to provide our customers with the highest quality solutions and services. Throughout 2017, we will be looking back at where we started, what we have achieved, and what our plans are for the future. In the Fall, we are inviting all customers, employees, and their families to an Open House to celebrate this incredible milestone."

"To this day Xyntek is still driven by the entrepreneurial spirit of our founders, which has enabled us to constantly push new boundaries and expand our offering portfolio," said Elliot Abreu, Xyntek Sr. Vice President, who has been with the company for 19 years. "Our strategy of establishing and developing core business areas that address the changing needs of our customers has enabled us to foster a culture of innovation and engineering excellence." Xyntek today is more diversified than ever with unique product offerings across 4 strategic business operating units:

Engineering Professional Services

Xyntek's business is based on providing high-end technical solutions that allow our customers to maximize the benefits of IT and Automation technologies, while adhering to regulatory mandates. The innovation and creativity that Xyntek brings to their clients is based on a combination of industry-specific technical and business process knowledge throughout the pharmaceutical drug development business processes from the research and development labs, through clinical trials and submissions and filings, through bulk manufacturing and packaging, and overall supply chain management. Similar information management and automation solutions are being utilized by Xyntek customers in the healthcare space for patient safety.

Serialization Business Unit

Since 2012, Xyntek has been the exclusive North America Partner and Distributor of Antares Vision technology. This business unit was formed with a focus on helping our customers comply with global regulations for protecting the pharmaceutical supply chain against counterfeit and diverted drugs, while also ensuring the right medications are going to the right patients. Xyntek's first implementation began in 2013. Since then, Xyntek has been integrating the Antares solution across a large number of customers globally, including the landmark 1,000th line implemented with Antares Vision technology. New products and solutions based on lessons learned from the past five years of deployments will ensure that Xyntek is viewed as a designated innovator in the space as the deadlines for compliance approach.

Biometrics Business Unit

Xyntek's Biometrics Business Unit focuses on the implementation of Biometric hardware and software for User Authentication, Cybersecurity and Data Integrity. By implementing the solution across business-critical data management systems and existing legacy software applications, Xyntek's solution offers Compliance and Security related to access of Systems, Data, and Physical structures. The solution also aides in Electronic Authorization and Signing for end-users, in compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 regulations.

Application / Product Development Business Unit

Xyntek continues to innovate and make significant investments in Research and Product Development. New products are in different stages of development and will be rolled out this year to address strategic needs in the area of "Big Data" and analytics platforms, IoT, Mobility (for both Industry-specific Apps and Consumer Apps).

In its 30 years, Xyntek has delivered thousands of projects to our customers. Find out more about the history of Xyntek here www.xyntekinc.com.


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