Xyntek continues at the forefront of designing/implementing leading edge automation systems to address the computerization of manufacture and widespread use of cyberphysical systems operating in validated/non-validated hybrid cloud environments. Integration pathways for IoT and Big Data require careful planning to assure deployments are prepared to address rapid and continuous changes in cloud and communications technology standards while performing continuously to serve pharmaceutical manufacturing business objectives with world class technological products/services able to meet the acceptance criteria of stringent regulatory approvals.

As critical global health initiative today centers around providing scientists, drug manufacturers and the consuming public with secured access points for the translation, real-time analysis, and visualization of information aggregated from large stores of health-related data available from disparate public and private sources.

Our approach to big data leverages industry standard process automation which orchestrates the flow of information across interconnected layers using data pipelines tracked for provenance to assure quality control and data integrity.

Automation and Real-Time Analytics

  • Integration with data capture source-systems
    through the software-defined warehouse to
    end user toolsets used with Business

  • Intelligence/Reporting

  • Browser-based user interface for data
    science visualizations and publication

  • End-to-end correctness verification capability
    for GxP or other compliance needs

Data Warehouse/ETL Architecture

  • Plug n' Play support for open-source and
    proprietary applications

  • Policy-based enterprise identity management

  • Secure workflows scalable with internal /
    external use cases

  • Data integrity Assurance [provenance
    tracking]Policy-based enterprise identity management


  • Hybrid Cloud Software-Defined Data

  • Single Vendor Solution

  • Recipe-based ISA-88/95 Standard Model

  • Infrastructure, Software, and Compliances

  • Highly-Effective SCM/DevOps-Driven
    Support Model

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