Unleash the power of your data

Successful Life Science organizations have made larger amounts of data available to key scientists to gain greater insight into drugs and diseases. Xyntek has been architecting and deploying Big Data Solutions that allow these Life Science companies to effectively manage their data while making the right analysis tools available to their scientists.

Unlock the value of existing and open-source tools

Xyntek’s Big Data solution uses open-source software and middleware that saves costs while delivering the cutting-edge tools needed by scientists and analysts. These open-source toolsets are interoperable with existing proprietary applications and data sources.

Build an AI ready foundation

Xyntek’s unique analysis platform can be used out-of-the-box by all visualization, analysis, and extraction tools so that scientists can use the tools that work best for them while providing access to advanced analysis techniques including AI and Deep Learning. The platform is built from the ground up to ensure data quality and regulatory compliance and uses dynamic Software Configuration Management and DevOps principals to quickly scale the platform to meet changing computational needs while controlling costs.

Custom solutions to fit your unique needs

Since every company has unique Data Models and Enterprise Storage Frameworks, Xyntek’s highly experienced team works with your IT department to customize, deploy, and support our solution in your environment. The experience from our portfolio of projects allows us to significantly reduce the time to deploy and integrate Xyntek’s Big Data Solution.

Make Data available to those who need it

Big data is valuable data. It allows the business to make better decisions by making more data and tools available to those who can use it to create value. If your business strategy requires Big Data, contact sales@xyntekinc.com to learn how we can help solve your data and analytics needs.

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