Manufacturing Operations Management Software Solutions for Life Science Companies

Increased competition and regulation in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry is resulting in a greater focus on higher quality processes, digitization, and automation. Software solutions for improving Manufacturing Operations have been far from ideal – typical software packages are difficult to deploy, expensive to manage, and too focused on tracking individual or micro aspects of the operation. Xyntek has partnered with Parsec to deliver its innovative TrakSYS platform because it is a complete, cost-effective solution that provides tangible insights to drive process improvement to Life Sciences companies and other business sectors that require complex manufacturing.

TrakSYS is a complete Manufacturing Operations Management platform delivered with a single install. With an analyst recognized, class-leading design, TrackSYS delivers a Unified, Responsive, Connected, Standardized yet Flexible deployment. It can be rapidly extended using included frameworks and templates or, be custom built to solve any manufacturing related process.

TrakSYS, through its range of configurable integrated modules, will help you:

• Reduce manufacturing process times;
• Automate the collection and visualization of KPI-based metrics;
• Identify root causes of production losses;
• Enhance employee engagement in plant floor operations;
• Comply with industry regulations and auditing.

Whether your organization has a few or 500 lines in one or multiple factories, a single TrakSYS install can manage it all. With its latest features of Advanced Algorythmic Scheduling or Complex Workflow Management it can drive the most complex manual or automated processes. Data can be delivered to multiple devices types due to the responsive, browser based interface scaling across PC, TV, Tablet, Smartphone etc.

TrakSYS is designed to collect data and events from PLC’s, Sensors and even has its own array of smart-collector devices which can provide access to the most inaccessible parts of a machine to deliver key information to the system via its own mesh WiFi network. Data is then analysed and displayed in a combination of standard charts or, if required, fully customized pages. The possibilities are bounded only by imagination.

TrakSYS Software Overview

TrakSYS has been designed to work the way you work; fast, ?exible, and focused on solving speci?c business challenges. Start with one of our pre-con?gured solutions to measure your performance management or OEE and reasons for downtime or create your own using the powerful, web-based con?guration tools within TrakSYS. All of the features shown below are installed using a single process at the outset. Access to optional components is controlled purely by license key and configuration, so adding a new feature such a Statistical Process Control analytics just requires the appropriate license components and some quick configuration changes.

This unique architecture means that the entire suite is totally integrated. The TrakSYS Data Management Service can also be deployed and this facilitate the connectivity of the TrakSYS suite to ERP, WMS, Plant Control and other local or enterprise systems to create uni or bi-directional data exchange. As a result, highly complex business scenarios can be managed using TrakSYS making this your one-stop control and analytical choice.

Xyntek Can Help You Transform Your Manufacturing Operations

If your Manufacturing Operations is in need of digitization, Xyntek has the experience and knowledge to deliver a best-in-class platform that will help you meet your goals. Contact for more information.

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