Digital Transformations automate manual or time-consuming processes using next-generation technology. Xyntek has embraced and delivered new technology solutions to Pharmaceutical and Life Science companies for over three decades. Our current list of new, innovative technologies includes Biometric Authentication, Digital Line Clearance Assistance, Digital Work Instructions, Digital Validation Solutions, and Augmented and Virtual Reality.

Biometric Authentication
As the number of complex manufacturing and packaging processes increases, companies need authentication and electronic signature solutions that are more secure and compliant while reducing the time it takes to document the process. Xyntek’s Biometric Authentication Platform provides an enterprise-ready platform that enables companies to integrate all forms of biometric authentication and electronic signatures into their manufacturing or packaging processes.

Digital Line Clearance Assistance
With the increasing number of specialized medications, manufacturing and packaging lines are used for smaller product runs and are changed from one product to another more often. Frequent changeovers increase the risk of stray product, contaminants, and incorrect product labels entering the manufacturing and packaging lines, and ultimately increasing the risk of a costly product recall. Xyntek’s Digital Line Clearance Assistance tool helps operators identify places that need additional scrutiny and can help document the line clearance process.

Digital Work Instructions
Standard operating procedures are at the heart of critical procedures and are necessary to ensure compliance. Unfortunately, their standard format does not make them easy to remember or follow because they are not presented in a format that is compatible with how people best learn and retain information. Digital Work Instructions can convey guidance using small amounts of text, images, and video. Various types of end-user devices, including tablets and wearable devices such as smart glasses, can make important information easily accessible.

Digital Validation Solutions
Xyntek offers digital solutions to manage the entire life-cycle of any validation, commissioning, or qualification process within your organization. By digitizing the validation life-cycle, manufacturers can achieve quality assurance best practices, improve productivity, and reduce time-to-market, changeover, and cycle times within their business-critical GxP validation and qualification processes.

Augmented and Virtual Reality
In today’s complex world, companies are constantly in search of technology that enables faster learning and understanding. With Virtual Reality, your staff can train on equipment without physically touching it and can visit a new laboratory or manufacturing line before it’s built. With Augmented Reality, operators can receive constant feedback on how to execute procedures and can provide and receive real-time feedback from remote support.

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