Philadelphia, PA – September 27, 2010 –Xyntek, Inc., a global leader in consulting, design and build of IT, automated systems, and compliance solutions, launches two machine vision solutions: the MVX-OCV 5.0 (Optical Character Verification) system, verifies product quality for regulated Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Healthcare organizations; and the MVX-AMS (Audit Message Server), which adds compliant traceability and history to vision inspection operations and meets 21 CFR Part 11 requirements.

“Our next generation Optical Character Verification solution, MVX-OCV 5.0, delivers on speed and accuracy for our customers who have a need to verify printed codes on product and samples and our MVX-AMS solution fulfills our customers’ needs for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance,” says Mac Hashemian, Xyntek President.

Verifying barcodes, alphanumeric codes, symbols, foreign language characters and 2-D matrix codes printed on products at high speeds with complete accuracy, MVX-OCV 5.0 builds on the Cognex In-Sight platform and provides additional functionality and regulatory compliance. The flexibility of Xyntek’s dual-component solution is unparalleled; the Graphical User Interface (GUI) is a separate layer that sits on top of the Cognex In-Sight Explorer (ISE) framework and communicates in real-time with a sensor to configure and run job files natively developed with the ISE software.

The MVX-AMS solution seamlessly integrates with existing plant information systems including MES, ERP, and Cognex machine vision hardware and software platforms. It provides users with compliant traceability and history capabilities within the Cognex In-Sight's audit messaging feature.

Delivering comprehensive Part 11 compliant audit trials and advanced engineering maintenance functionality, MVX-AMS provides visibility into operations. It provides a read-only user interface to search the archived data and generate reports displaying key data relevant to specific timeframes, sensors, or events, allowing visibility into and identification of bottlenecks or inefficiencies in production processes. In support of simple and complex connectivity requirements, MVX-AMS can be made available as a “one to one sensor to server” standalone system or as a “many to one sensor to server” network system.

About Xyntek

Xyntek, a global leader in IT, Automation and Compliance solutions, focused on pharmaceutical, medical device, healthcare, and food & beverage information technology since its inception in 1986. Its veteran consulting team have extensive information technology experience and provide advanced integration solutions for organizations focused on gaining visibility and access to data, working within aggressive timelines, internalizing healthcare processes and operations using external resources, and companies looking to integrate and consolidate data from multiple service providers and sources. Xyntek's business, based on providing high-end technical services and solutions allows customers to maximize the benefits of IT and Automation technologies, while adhering to compliance mandates. For more information, visit .

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