Philadelphia, PA – November 15, 2010 – Xyntek, Inc., a leading global provider of Healthcare IT consulting and integration services is proud to announce the consolidation of its Biometrics offering into its suite of XyNexus™ Healthcare Integration Services. The Biometrics solution will facilitate staff user authentication and patient identification across numerous computer-based systems and applications within the hospital IT environment.

The solution includes integration with numerous readily available biometric sensor technologies. Fingerprint, palm vein reader, and/or iris scan may be utilized for system access. Xyntek’s Biometric solution provides rapid and convenient log-on to all software applications in the hospital or eligible professional environment. The Xyntek solution also provides an “out of the box” addition of biometrics log-on to installations where SSO (single sign-on) software is in place in a hospital setting. Additional authorization, certification, and e-signatures within individual applications can be developed with Xyntek’s integration services.
“We are pleased to be able to provide medical professionals with a simple, secure, and HIPAA compliant solution to log on to healthcare IT, which has become crucial to a productive environment,” said Mac Hashemian, P.E., President of Xyntek, Inc. “Providers and healthcare organizations will gain from reduced liability when logging onto an HIE with minimal integration, as web access is traceable through a built-in audit log.”
Xyntek’s Biometrics XyNexus™ Healthcare Integration Service offers medical staff easy access to IT resources – specific to their authorization level - while eliminating costly password support. Administrative fines and penalties associated with unauthorized access to confidential patient information are virtually eliminated. Providers are able to gain access to diagnostic and medication/treatment information through integration with a variety of other technology systems.

Meanwhile, patient registries benefit from quick and efficient information verification and ultimately safety for the patient. Patients can be properly identified, even in the case of being non-responsive. High security identifies proper insurance status and protects against fraud. Available solutions include biometric identification, wristbands, ambulant treatment documentation, and national/private health insurance cards.

About Xyntek

Xyntek, a global leader in IT, Automation and Compliance solutions, has had its focus on healthcare information technology since its inception in 1986. Earlier this year, Xyntek introduced XyNexus™ Healthcare Integration Service, the consolidation of its healthcare IT services that address healthcare information technology (HIT) integration and development aspects as well as electronic healthcare records (EHR) infrastructures. XyNexus™ is expected to be especially attractive to customers in pursuit of ARRA funding for implementation of Meaningful Use requirements. Additional news and information about Xyntek solutions, products and services is available at or by calling +1-215-493-7091.

Xyntek Press Contact:

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