Xyntek provides services to implement and integrate individual hospital or enterprise-wide staff user authentication and/or patient registration utilizing biometrics as part of its XyNexus offering. Any combination of password, identification card, or biometrics may be used for secure access to sensitive records or the patient registration requirements that are typical across numerous computer systems within the hospital IT environment. The Xyntek solution is based upon globally supported ID Center Software. Xyntek provides IT integration and support that can be applied across all popular CPOE systems and existing legacy hospital software solutions.

Integration of numerous readily available biometric sensor technologies, including fingerprint, palm vein reader, and/or iris scan may be utilized for system access. Biometric sensors from the most popular suppliers (including UPEK and Authentec (commonly found in laptops), CrossMatch, Testech, Identix, Dermalog and others) are supported.

Staff Authentication Solutions

Access to Resources

  • Log-in to IT applications in a clinical environment
  • User switching at shared workplaces
  • Access to modalities and control applications
  • Option to extend physical Access (medicine cabinets and laboratories)


  • Sign-off for diagnostic results
  • Sign-off for medication/treatment
  • Capture data for pharmaceutical trials (FDA Requirement)


  • Prevent administrative fines and penalties associated with unauthorized access to confidential patient medical information
  • Combines high security with convenience
  • Eliminates costly password support

Patient Identification Solutions

With imminent changes to the health system and as medical record management capabilities change with technology, patient identification mechanisms will undoubtedly follow suit. The capabilities and scalability of biometrics with regard to patient identification removes many risks of forgery, misidentification, and record security.


  • Registration
  • Treatment/Walk-through of departments
  • Recurring Treatment
  • Self-services/Scheduling

Available solutions

  • National/Private Health Insurance Cards
  • Ambulant Treatment Document
  • Wrist Bands
  • Palm-vein biometric identification using ID Center


  • Option to identify proper insurance status (fraud protection)
  • Patient gets the correct treatment (safety)
  • Quick and Efficient – No typing of unreliable data
  • Can also work for unresponsive patients
  • Combines high security with convenience

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