Total Laboratory Automation (TLA) in clinical laboratories is achieved by designing, procuring, implementing, and integrating automation systems (devices, equipment, instruments, and robots) that perform specific tasks and methods. These islands of automation are then linked together to support entire processes and workflows within the laboratory setting. Xyntek's solutions are aimed at increasing the workflow efficiency resulting in higher ROI through reduced costs and increased throughput. Laboratory Automation, when implemented correctly, eliminates the risk of human error in tracking, analysis, and reporting of data from diagnostic specimen and samples.

With the primary purpose of hospital and medical labs being to conduct clinical tests for predictive, diagnostic, or prognostic purposes, it follows that the focus of implementing automation in the labs would be to maximize throughput of these activities. Another dimension to the automation effort is connecting the labs' input and output channels to the data management systems used by the parent or partner medical facilities. Xyntek’s offers consulting solutions and technology integration services that support numerous laboratory departments and disciplines (e.g. clinical chemistry, pathology, genetics, cytology, microbiologics, toxicology) including the following:

  • Sample labeling & barcoding
  • Sample Identification
  • Sample preparation (aliquoting, dilution and centrifuging)
  • Sample transportation & tracking
  • Sample fulfillment (introduction to and removal from analyzers)
  • Sample storage and retrieval
  • Sample testing & retesting
  • Sample pipetting

Achieving Total Lab Automation through efficient laboratory integration in the hospital or medical laboratory facility requires experience and a working knowledge of integrating various laboratory processes, workflows, instrumentation, and data management technologies. Xyntek’s experience implementing lab automation and associated data handling technologies, in conjunction with our XyNexus™ Healthcare Integration service, allows us to provide fully integrated hardware and software solutions that identify and address the underlying needs of the clinical laboratory, including seamless interfacing with EHR and other Healthcare Information Systems within the enterprise.

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