In an age where automated manufacturing systems produce endless quantities of data, adding usability to that data by incorporating informatics systems affords access to metrics and optimization that otherwise would not be possible. Informatics has thus become a key ingredient to success in the manufacturing business, as it is essential for improving and optimizing innumerable aspects and variables of manufacturing processes. While OTS informatics portals and reporting applications with customizable dashboard functionality exist, the personnel with the required skillset and knowledge to effectively implement and leverage these systems in the manner intended and required for productive use are neither commonly nor explicitly associated with manufacturing or IT staff. Xyntek’s resume boasts extensive experience in both of these areas and our professional team offers a variety of products and services to automate, integrate, and standardize manufacturing automation systems with custom or OTS data storage and informatics vehicles, giving a manufacturing business the proper tools to maintain its competitive advantage. Partnerships with industry leading machine vision, track-and-trace serialization, and SCADA / MES providers give Xyntek access to cutting edge products and technologies to deliver turn-key engineering solutions.

Process Improvement Metrics

Professionally implemented informatics systems allow metrics to be compared with benchmark standards and performance both within the plants and across the enterprise or industry. Adding value to data is critical for identifying performance gaps to devise methods for marked improvements to critical processes (and be able to gauge improvement); visibility at this level allows true value of systems and staff to be calculated and used to make intelligent business decisions.

Additionally, the following is a partial list of features & benefits:

  • production line transparency/visibility
  • ability to pinpoint cost of products + materials = margins
  • granular & batch profit statistics
  • potential points for process improvement (ID inefficiences)
  • identification of high error areas
  • optimize materials ordering & job costing/bidding
  • automated report generation
  • real-time feedback & PAT potential
  • capacity/utilization
  • ROI on levels of automation
  • lean manufacturing practices

Xyntek’s service offerings and solutions include custom integration with data storage and management systems to incorporate the full range of data sources spanning the drug development lifecycle and seamlessly enable visibility and add vertical usability across the systems and enterprise.

Informatics Systems Execution Guidelines

Integration and automation of manufacturing processes designed to employ effective informatics techniques requires multiple levels of design starting from the lowest level, which requires a knowledge of IEC 61131-3 programming languages and knowledge of object-oriented programming models and of higher level languages, such as Java, C++, C#, and VB. The next level up requires device and control system level communications, which require a working knowledge of the IEC 61512 or ISA-88 Batch Control standards to structure a well-designed system of code and data capture. The top level of the manufacturing dataflow and operation functions sit on top of the ISA-88 structures to incorporate the enterprise level applications and the user interface, which are defined in the ISA-95 Enterprise/Control System standard. Furthermore, knowledge of relational databases, data warehousing as pertaining to statistical analysis, and basic network application development are required to achieve an efficient and effective manufacturing informatics system.

Next Steps

Xyntek’s team of professionals and years of experience delivering integrated and compliant automation solutions offer the perfect combination of leading-edge technological prowess and domain expertise to provide the optimum manufacturing integration and informatics solutions. Contact your Xyntek account manager or request more information regarding our manufacturing automation solutions.

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